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comments on the weather!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Once again the British weather does it's best to flumox everyone. This morning was 6c when at the same time yesterday it was 12c, no wonder people are dropping like flies with colds and sniffles. A harsh winter is promised again, which is fine as long as we are prepared for it (which we never are). I suppose if we keep getting harder winters then the authorities will decide to be prepared (like the continent) but while we still only get 'occasional' harsh winters, I suppose we'll be left to the mercy of the weather and the road gritters.

On a brigher note...

I had been so terribly organised and sorted out the clothes I wanted to take on holidays to Italy; there they were tidily laid out in me dressing room - lovely autumnal clothes. Then....I thought that I had better check the weather for where I am going! Result? I had to put all my carefully selected clothes back in the wardrobe and yet again dig out the summer stuff as it's a monumental 25c out there...which lets be perfectly honest, is hotter than it's been for most of the summer here.

So people...this little blogger will get her summer...but in October in foriegn climbs.

see you soon!!

pip pip


was optimistic!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

After thinking that we might get a wonderful Indian Summer...I have been sadly mistaken and the weather is now back to the usual summer weather: cold, wet and windy.

So all my summer clothes that I didn't put away last week can now continue on their merry way into the suitcases until next summer.

Plus all the local schools have been advised to move all their important work to the next few weeks as severe weather (ie three flakes of snow) are expected in November and December. Oh Joy unbounded.

I like the snow, don't get me wrong, as long as I don't have to try to get anywhere in it. I like sitting by the fire, with a good book or film and a large glass of red wine. Now that is a perfectly acceptable winter activity!


Has decided...

Monday, October 03, 2011

To have a weekly "Pet Peeve" section...

This is just to allow me to vent on the miniscule (and not so miniscule) things in everyday life that bug the pants off me!!! goes:

Pet Peeve No 1:

Supermarkets...ok I know they have to exist (although they are not as prominent in European countries as here in the UK) but why oh WHY do parents allow their grubby offspring to sit or stand in their a FOOD trolley? I mean...I have to put my food into that trolley once you've removed your snotty offspring from it. There are enough Health and Safety laws; surely children in trolleys - other than in the designated seat must be a hazard?????? Can't someone ban them?


Polly has now left the building.....

notices that summer has finally arrived!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Well, just when I thought that my summer dresses and shoes could be finally stored until next summer, we have had a delightful few days, full of blue skies and sun. Positively tropical weather in this usually soggy end of the country. The difference it makes in peoples moods is rather remarkable. Everyone arround is cheerful and happy, tempers seem to remain intact rather than snapping at the slightest thing.

On another positive note is the fact that today I am wearing a pair of my new shoes. Which I honestly thought that I wouldn't be able to wear until next Spring. Here they are:

Gorgeous Rocketdog Capricio that were an ABSOLUTE bargain in TKMaxx a few weeks back. I was totally muppet-like and should have got the red and the black pairs, but by the time I decided that I really couldn't do without them, only the demin were left but as they were at the remarkable price of £10!!! yes only 10 of out great British pounds! So really couldn't leave them there. I'm keeping my eye out for the red and the black ones and I will get them at some point.

I'm off shortly for another trawl round vintage/charity shops for costumes for the next two productions which are both set in the 1930's. One by Terrence Rattigan and the other by JP Priestly. So that should be good fun, I'm also in charge of props so I'm really looking forward to getting some great period pieces and hopefully not spending too much money.

I have also promised myself that I will TRY to be organised and tidy. I am not by nature one of the tidiest souls on earth and I usually leave a trail of chaos behind me (which is handy if I ever get lost) but I have recently come accross clothes, shoes and jewellery that I have totally forgotten about because I am SO untidy! This has got to stop as I'm buying things that I already have. So I'm treating myself this weekend to new storage bits n bobs so I can really get things organised. THEN I intend to go through all the boxes, handbags etc that are full of a mixture of everything and put everything in its place! The finally I won't waste half my time looking for something....because it will be in it's right place. How long this idyll will last I don't know but I am determined to be more organised! And not go shopping until I have sorted everything out!

Ooops...just realised that I am meeting Ma after work to go shopping....ah well...never mind! You should never look a gift bargain in the mouth!




is back again...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

ooh..aren't I a keen little blogger this week?

If you remember I admitted to the horrendous number of shoe purchaces that I have made in the last few weeks....well here is a quick glipmse of two of them...

Here are the first pair...

and here are the second...yes I know they are the same style BUT
"they were in a saaaaale" and I couldn't possibly leave them there, could I?

More shopping news to follow...


there's pale and then there's corpse-like!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I might have mentioned it before but I am a red-head with pale skin. No let me revise that...I have skin the colour of a dead fish's belly...

Usually at this time of year, a small smattering of freckles will have given me a semblance of colour, even though it's just a hint of a tint, so to speak. But with the weather we have had this year (ie biblical amounts of rain here in the West of these great isles) I have no colour at ALL.

I was pootling about in the kitchen on Sunday afternoon, when a rare ray of something bright emerged from the sky (I was later informed it was the sun... but I'm still not totally convinced) anyhooo...this bright light threw my palid complextion into releif. I am now SO pale you can actually trace the veins not just in my arms but also my's most dispitiriting. I could be used as a body double in Silent Witness and they would cut the make up budget in HALF.... I am now offically the palest I think I have ever been. Now I know that us vintage types try to avoid the sun (I even own my own little parasol) but there's pale and interesting and pale and corpse-like. I now fall into the latter category...

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride might just as well be my muse for Autumn...

BTW has anyone seen the new Wallis Simpson/Edward VIII film? It's not showing at my local flea-pit and I was wondering if it was worth the long haul to the nearest place that is showing it?

Also (fanfare please) I am most chuffed to announce that the film I was involved with earlier this year (I was the producer amongst other location scout/wardrobe/continuity/actor etc) now has been released and is on!!!!!!!!

So many apologies for the tardiness of my posts lately but real life has once again rained on my parade. But I am back with lots of news which I will impart in my few next witterings.

PS I am ashamed to admit that I have purchased 6 pairs of new shoes over the past three weeks!


Polly xxxxxxx

life defeats her yet again...

Friday, July 22, 2011

just when I thought work was calming down and a summer might actually be on the horizon...well I get the dreaded summer lurgy and have been struck down in all my 'ahem' glory for nearly two weeks.

Anyway, today is the first day that I actually feel human since probably week last Saturday! Indeed. On the Friday prior to the 'lurgy' I was invited to an 18th Birthday party in a swish hotel on a James Bond themed evening. It was a wonderfull event, with a casino, live Big Band and singers and on top of that the birthday girl had asked people not to give her presents but to donate to a local charity and nearly £900 was raised on the night. I would like to raise a glass to E for being such a wonderful girl and despite all that she has been through continues to be a role model and if I had a daughter I would be thrilled if she was like her.

There's a few more vintage purchases...bought today on my FIRST day out in an age. And I promise that I will post the pictures this weekend. I have taken all the pictures, honestly, it's just getting them organised to post!!!!

On a post I read from Retrochick about old books...I must admit I am among those that love that smell and feel of old books. More of which I will post later, including details of a Catholic prayer book with little devotional cards and I suppose you would call them memento mori cards that were still in the pages. you can see more here:

On another note entirely, why is it that gadgets fail together with spectacular synchonicity? My mobile phone, my ipod and my dvd player have all died in the space of 24 hours. Is someone trying to tell me something? Ok, yes I want a new phone...but do I go iphone or blackberry? I text more than speak on it so a qwerty keyboard would be useful. Anyone out there with any advice would be welcome.

Also my ebay selling will be up and running next week as I have loads of thing that I need to move along to allow me to actually be able to hang up my new purchases!!!!

Take care all

pip pip


The Age of Glamour is BACK!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Some wonderful news on the glamour front...

The National Portrait Gallery in London is opening a new exhibition from today on the Golden Age of Glamour.

To quote the NPG:

"Glamour of the Gods is a celebration of Hollywood portraiture from the industry's 'Golden Age', the period 1920 to 1960. From Greta Garbo and Clark Gable to Audrey Hepburn, James Dean and Marilyn Monroe, it is these portraits that transformed actors and actresses into international style icons. In many cases these are career-defining images of Hollywood's greatest names and help to illustrate their enduring appear.

Feature over 70 photographs, most of which are exquisite vintage prints displayed for the first time, the exhibition is drawn from the archive of the John Kobal Foundation and demonstrate photography's decisive role in creating and marketing the stars central to the Hollywood mystique."

The exhibition runs as I said from today until 23rd October and from the trailer it looks to be a wonderful experience, it definately looks as if it's worth a trip to London for this. I'm just wondering what prints etc will be available to buy there.

Go have a look at the link! Its very interesting!

a little ray of sunshine

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

There's very little to natter about as I've not been doing a lot lately, but when we had some lovely weather over the weekend I took some arty photo's of the flowers in the garden...hope they brighten your day.

A Japanese Maple.

Yellow Roses after the rain.

Leaves after the same shower.


The sky after the shower.

pip pip



is back....

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A thousand apologies for being a tardy blogger lately, but real life has got in the way for the last few weeks.

A little round up of news: Othello went really well, full houses for the entire run (despite an opening night fiasco with the Public Liabilty Insurance and missing Health & Safety forms...which I will not go into any further, because, dear reader, I will rant about the imbecile that deliberately 'mislaid' the paperwork! Enough said!

At the moment, I'm in the middle of designing the new publicity material and poster for our next production which is Terrence Rattigan's French Without Tears. It's in honour of the centenary of Rattigan's birth. It's a light farce set in the south of France in the mid 20s I would guess....and rather Bertie Wooster-ish in places....but jolly good fun and a good excuse to delve into the vintage world to hunt out costumes and props.

I've no new purchases to report other than I bought Revlon's new lip stain 'Just Bitten' (as tested by Snoodlebug) and I love it. I bought the Gothic colour stain and it lasted for ages. So now I am going to try the darker purple one!

Squeezed into last weekend was a quick photoshoot for a chum who had just splashed out on a new camera and wanted a model (read: someone who didn't have anything better to do on a Saturday afternoon and has a stash of costumes and wigs to!) Here's a sample of the shot....he wanted a grainy 30s style shot with minimum lighting. He was pleased...I know very little about I'll try to believe him...haha.... anyway for your amusement is one of the shots. I don't have blond curly hair...honest!!!!

Anyhow....I have taken pics of ALL the goodies that I've bought in the last few months (finally got round to it on the wettest Sunday I have ever been bored through) and will post them when life calms down....

pip pip



is panicking about tonight

Monday, May 16, 2011

Well, folks after all my whittering etc the final dress/techincal run through for Othello is this evening. I went to the theatre on Saturday to see the set being finished and yet again our stage guys have outdone themselves with an amazing set (apart from one bit where I need help to get through a gap backstage as I am wearing a huge Elizabethan frock) but other than that little hiccup it's stunning.

Costumes yet again are proving to be a 'last minute' issue, despite thinking that it was all done and dusted costume wise weeks ago. The chemise they sent me to 'die in' is completely transparent under the stage lights!!! I will go so far for my art, but not that far...dear reader.

The lines are now fine except for two lines which for the LIFE of me I can never remember, but luckily they are to myself so it doesn't really matter....much. Yet again there was controversy in the Programme notes from the Director but luckily I saw the proofs before they went to the printers and amended a few words!

On other things, I bought a fab set of 6 cocktail glasses for £3 in a car boot sale, I would think they are late 1930's ish...maybe a bit later and then would you beleive it...the following day in a local charity shop foung a glass jug with almost the identical pattern of glass etching (vines) for £2. I can't decide if I'm going to keep this or not as I'm running out of space, but if I do I'll mention it here that it's going up on ebay.

On another note, I should be going to Paris...possibly with a chum who's been poorly for a while and whats a little trip with some light shopping, sightseeing etc. I'm just going to be on the look out for handsome French rugby players (see earlier posts) although by the time we finally get there the season will be over.

Finally, on a devastating point, I was offered a ticket to watch Stade Francais play in Cardiff on friday, even though one of my hero's Dimitri Szarzewski might not even play...and where am I??? HUH???? On stage...I am mortified....gutted and tres tres desolete!!!!

Au reviour ma petite pommes!!!!


as if I haven't got enough to do.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Again, apologies for my tardiness over my posts lately. But real-life has been getting in the way of things, like rehearsals for Othello. Although, at least I don't have to worry about costumes for this, as we are setting it 'trad' so we have plenty of Elizabethan costumes that I can wade through. Lines are still last minutes; I promised I was NOT going to be still using the script this week, but guess what, it's Thursday and I still don't know them all...sigh!

Anyhooooow!!! Despite all the above, I started a new project last night. I wasn't intending to, but on a trip to a fabric shop (for darling Ma) I just happened to take a peek at the pattern book. A little bit of a mistake as I ended up buying a patter to use with some material that I've had hanging aobut for ages. So here's the pattern...

So I've cut out the pattern for the red dress (bottom right) but added a little more fullness in the skirt and the fabric is the black with red strawberries!!! I'm hoping that it will be finished by Sunday as I have a party to go to on Bank Holiday Monday (yes, cutting it fine again) I think that by adding a full net petticoat underneath will give it the right look (as oppsed to the rather flat version modeled above). I will keep you posted on this!

I have finally taken pics of all my recent purchases, so I will post those over the weekend. Including some lovely new vintage earings that I picked up at Jacob's Antique market in Cardiff.

So that's all for now, chaps! Hope you all have a lovely Bank Holiday and that its Pimms and G&T weather where you are!



apologises for the lack of posts lately

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The last few weeks have been very odd; not particularly busy but I just haven't had the oomph to actually do anything. I have lines to learn for a production of Othello, which I have barely looked at! And I swore that this time I would NOT leave it until the very last minute to learn them and then have to spend every waking second wandering round with a script in my hand, snapping at everyone who disturbed my "concentration".

Then to add to my misery, my muse decided to return and a fully formed story popped into my head which is demanding to be written ASAP and be quick about it too.

I did spend a splendid day out in Cardiff on Saturday with the glamourous Kath; we spent the day pootling round Jacob's Antique markets and both of us picked up some nice little trickets. I was especially pleased with an old etching of "Othello telling Desdemona his tales" it was out of a book and only cos a £1 so I was very pleased. I was "tres chic" as Mama put it, wearing my trusty dark blue cropped jeans, red stripy T and red ballet pumps, topped off with my little red cropped mac...vintage but not too out there for shopping; espeically as Cardiff was full of football supporters and you couldn't move for police. But we had a glorious lunch in a little Italian restaurant with a sweet attentive waiter and a nice bottle of Rose (which I don't usually go for) then back to the antique market for one last look before heading for the train before the match finished.

The crowd was totally different to a rugby crowd, there was a slight edge to everything which you just don't get at a rugby match...I supose at heart being Welsh one has to be a rugby girl.

On the shopping front I found this gorgeous vintage inspired skirt in Matalan of all places and it was firmly in my hot little hands before I could blink:

it looks fab with ballet flats!

So with nothing more to whitter about and annoyed that the Pimms weather has suddently deserted us, I will sign off.

pip pip


sorry...this just made me laugh!

Friday, March 25, 2011

RIP Jane Russell - pin-up extordinaire

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

What sad news today that the wonderful pin-up from the glamorous age of the 1940's and 1950's has passed away at the vintage age of 89. She embodied a style that was difficult to match with her endless legs and her witty retorts. She was classed as "mean, moody and magnificent" in The Outlaw, a film directed by Howard Hughes and which courted controversy from the start. But sadly her career was over by the 1960s.

Here are some glorious pictures of the late lamented lady:

is being totally frivolous and silly

Monday, February 28, 2011

Well, disappointingly we are nearly at the end of another Six Nations Rugby tournament! I mean all those fit young hunky men...with muscles on muscles and muscles where I didn't even know you could have them! As I have noted before the King of the Field (in my humble opinion) is French No 8 Sebastien Chabal...but if you've not been looking carefully, you will have missed Maxime Medard and Dimitri Szarzewski (both of whom are currently injured - I have offered to rub them down with some wintergreen, but they haven't got back to me yet). Shame!

On to more rational areas.... is a very interesting post about dressing "vintage" and how far you go for it on a daily basis. I have to admit that as I stick to wiggle skirts and blouses with stilettoes for work and with the hair pinned up it's retro enough to be different but not enough to scare the more 'conservative' element. Although, saying that, where I work (a university) the fashions that drift through the lecture theatres on a daily basis make nearly any item of clothing wearable however bizzare. However, I do think that for some women, vintage fashion in what ever their chosen area is, flatters them far more than any modern 'fashion' can do. Take me for exmple, I am a smidge over 5ft 2 and have the classic hourglass figure; so the late 1940's or 1950's are perfect for me. Now I'm not a vintage snob! I can't be, where I live the chance to get ones mitts on genuine vitage is slim and what is available is pricey (although wonderful) so I don't mind repro stuff or high street stuff that has a vintage flair, so its not difficult to find your niche.

BTW if anyone sees cherry red vintage style suede shoes can you let me know....I am desparate as I have this glorious skirt that is just crying out for red shoes!

Having been discussing men (there were lots of rugby pictures on the back of the newspaper delivered to the office) all day; we girls were challenged to name our fav chaps. Now I know love vintage but when it comes to men, I just can't escape my Goth past:

here they are:
clockwise from top left: Dimitri Szarzewski - French rugby player; Eomer from LOTR (Karl Urban in real life) James Hetfield of Metallica and finally Sebastien Chabal (posing in his Ruckfield clothing line - nice but pricey).
The Mad Lep despairs at my choice but I don't care...
Till next time pip pip

well guess what? it's Friday again...

Friday, February 18, 2011

How did that happen? Where did the last two weeks go? I have come to the conclusion that the older you get the faster time passes by. Do you realise that apparently already 1/7th of the year has already gone by? Exactly...where does the time that flies go? Answers on a postcard, please.

Not much to report, I've been so lazy that I haven't been shopping despite the urgent need for new trews for work, and the annoying this is that I know where they are, but I just can't be arsed to drive there and get the. My excuses last weekend were a) it's Saturday and there'll be just toooo much traffic and parking will be a nightmare... to... b) we'll go tomorrow (Sunday) instead.... c) (Sunday) oooh, it's raining. Don't really fancy flapping about in the rain and getting all damp and THEN having to try on clothes. So as a result I didn't go anywhere, not that I'm complaining as I lounged about and read books and watched films....go me!

As all this news about library closures is in the news, there was a huge push at our local library to get new members, so I rounded up friends who I know love to read but will order from Amazon (cos it's easier) rather than walk to the library. So off we all toootled and those that weren't members joined and then they oooh'd and aaah'd over the cd's and dvd's and then went missing for hours in the book section. Hours later I managed to round them up, using that well worn bribe of a G&T should they vacate the building anytime soon (it was late Friday evening) and all trooped out with maximum allocations of books and I think happily converted to using one of our most under-rated local resources.

Red Legs in Soho has blogged about libraries and their values in her blog, and she puts it far far better than I ever could, so go give it a read.

Some random books I'm reading at the moment are:

CJ Sansom's Mathhew Shardlake series, the new book in the series is Heartstone. If you haven't read any of these, they are worth a look. Shardlake is a lawyer in the time of Henry VIII and it's not all "Chewdors" it's nasty, dangerous with enemies round every corner. Well worth a read if you like well written historically accurate novels.

On a slightly lighter note, I do adore watching the rugby: all those big muscled men getting all sweaty....phew....and the king of them all (well in my humble opinion) is Sebastien Chabal. Long hair; tall; built in a rather grand manner...what can a girl say????

a few snaps carrying on the Hnry VIII theme, from a trip to London with the marvellous Mad Lep!

Armour for Henry VIII - big man....big horse!
The Tower of London....obviously!
Henry's armour when he was a LOT smaller!
worried looking lion that caused much hilarity!
well that's all folks till next time

loves Fridays

Friday, February 04, 2011

So far 2011 has not been a good year, two elderly ladies (both in their 90s but somewhere round about 25 in their spirits) have died followed in quick succession by a family member and then a good friend who was far to young to die so suddenly. I only hope that this is it for the rest of the I'm typing this Led Zepplin's Stairway to Heaven is playing on the radio, I hope that all those who have passed are safely in their own Heaven. You will all be missed...

And on a slightly brighter note:

Yesterday we had the first read through of Othello; it sounded really good although I was a bit surprised at Iago's London accent, until I realised that all the 'plebs' and 'baddies' had Sarf London accents and all the 'toffs' were straight RSC RP!!!! Once I got used to it, it worked brilliantly, really throwing up the difference in class and station between the characters. The chap who is playing Iago is just one of the most brilliant actors I have ever had the pleasure of sharing a stage with. When we did Robert Bolt's Vivat Vivat Regina he was a brilliantly sinister Lord Morton. And his Bill Sykes is THE definative version (apart from Oliver Reed) and I don't care what anyone else says.

There's not much else to report, I haven't been out shopping or bargain hunting and I have promise myself that I am not going to go anywhere near a shop until I have finished clearing the wardrobes!!! SO there!!!!

Some random uplifting pictures to cheer myself up

I adore Black and White photography, they are so atmospheric and interesting. Who said black was boring?

wonders why...

Monday, January 31, 2011

Just why is it that any chap you meet and fancy is either attached/gay/attached/not interested? I have no intention of being a home wrecker (I have had that done to me and it's NOT nice...heartbreaking in fact) but would it be beyond the realms of this earth for me to fancy a chap who a) fancied me back and b) was single and c) was within the usual bounds of 'normal'. What's the point of meeting a nice chap and getting on really well only for weeks after meeting him he annouces he has a girlfriend (I hasten to add these weeks were not dating weeks, we met at the rehearsal space). I retreated to the other side of the table to sulk childishly over the Wine Gums and actually take the last one...The flip side of this is the chap who fancies you but you wouldn't be seen dead dating (such double standards) they are lovely guys, nice, solvent, own hair and just NICE....but nice just doesn't cut the mustard. Am I really asking too much to date a chap who I like?

Apart from that rant (excuse me) the run of the show went well, we had fabulous audiences the entire time with full houses for all but one of the houses. Rehearsals start for the next prouction this week, but luckily enough the said chap is not involved which will save me my sanity.

I have FINALLY got round to clearing two wardrobes over the weekend; go me!!! I have a huge pile of stuff to go onto ebay and another huge pile for the local charity shop. The crimson velvet frock coat has had yet another repreive (I wore it out last Thursday) so that's back in the wardrobe for a while.

On another note, I had the most wonderful late Christmas pressie from my darling friend, and it's a framed original hand tinted print from a German 'fashion' newspaper from 1881. So that's now proudly on the wall in the dressing room. Along with that she gave me a hair pin, probably around 1910-15 which is tortoiseshell and is wonderful for putting in an 'up-do'.

If you see this book around, go read it "Rivers of London" by Ben Aaronovitch, which is a hillarious romp across London.

They mention a few other authors that write in the same vein so I might look into those.

This is the other book I'm reading is this:

These girls were plucked from idle rich society where their only future was marriage to a 'suitable chap' to become, in some cases, integral to the success of winning the war; as they were well educated, many speaking French and German they were used at SOE where their pre-war knowledge of Europe was put to good use as many had been to finishing schools in both France and Germany. Others who's talent in mathematics would have never been used were sent to Bletchley Park and helped the code breakers there. A jolly good yarn from some jolly good old girls.

anway...pip pip for now

take care all

Polly xxx

on fabulous funfilled Friday

Friday, January 14, 2011

Well, my little chickadee's, it's Friday again. And I have a full weekend ahead.

Firstly it's the 'get-in' for the new set; then a tech-run through on Monday before we open on Tuesday. The costumes arrived last night from the costumier....well, what fitted didn't suit and what suited didn't fit!!!

We have used these people before and we make the same complaints all the time; but the Director insists on using this company, leaving the actors miserable over terrible costumes, it puts a pall of disappointment over the entire proceedings. And what makes it worse is that I know that the company has THE most fantastic stuff but because they have SO much stuff they just use the "same old same old" time and time again. I usually visit their unit a week or so before a production and very diva-ish demand to see what they have set out for me, and then if it's not right (which it usually isn't) then I very politely ask to see something else more appropriate. I feel strongly that after all the time I have spent rehearsing and line learning then the least I can expect is a reasonable costume!!!!! I said there's lots to do, getting bits of personal "bits" together, props etc. And as it's a late Victorian production, then it's great for shawls, broches etc. As this is a huge cast and backstage isn't the biggest in the world, I'm trying to be organised and take as little as possible in the way of personal bits with me. BUT with 5 totally different outfits ALL requiring different footwear it's going to be harder than I thought.

But when all is said and done, tickets are going well and it looks as if we shall have a good run. The trouble with Rep Theatre is that as soon as one play is done, then it's straight into rehearsals for the next one...oh for a nice break (but I know I'd moan terribly if I wasn't doing anything).

I must make some Rocky Road this weekend as I promised it to the chaps in work when it was my Birthday but then there was the snow and I was ill THEN there was Christmas THEN I couldn't be bothered last I have PROMISED that I will make it on Sunday.

I've just finished reading "Wait for me" the memoirs of Deborah, Dowager Duchess of Devonshire (Chatsworth in Derbyshire is the family seat) she was the youngest of the famous or infamous Mitford sisters...Unity tried to commit suicide on the day that war was declared as she was right wing and was obsessed with Hitler; on the other side Jessica (known as Decca to the family) was a hard line communist and went to Spain during their Civil war where she lost her husband. Diana married British facist leader Oswald Mosely (leader of the brownshirts) and was incarcertated in Wormwood Scrubs during the war after being "shopped" by her sister the famous author Nancy (who wrote The Pursuit of Love)as being a dangerous subversive. The lives these sisters lived including the other sisters who lived quieter but none the less interesting lives are a window on a world that no longer exists in England and certainly didn't exist for the majority of the population. But for anyone who likes Evelyn Waugh and the decades of the Bright Young Things....these sisters were brighter than most.

If the above ramblings have interested you, then there are another two books that I would recomment:

Letters between Six Sisters - edited by Charlotte Moseley


The Mitford Girls by Mary Lovell

Have a lovely Friday all

pip pip



wishes all her readers a ripping 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

Well, happy 2011 to you all!!!

Christmas was rather quite in chez-moi, as all were ill (in some cases malingering -but we won't go there...) and spending most of the Big Day in bed wasn't part of my "plans to have fun" and drink cocktails in my new cocktail glasses. But hey-ho...New Year was slightly better, with fun and games and a little gambling on the old cards (I won but I won't brag...much). However, the majority of the hols was spent, reclining on the sofa balancing a box of chocs, a glass of wine and the dvd remote control. I veg'd out on films that I haven't watched for aaages. So 2011 was greated with relaxation although coupled with a cold.

I have actually started what I planned to do some time ago...have the biggest clear out ever. And so far the cupboards in the tv room have been ruthlesly sorted and so much rubbish was binned, along with a pile of knicknacks to the local charity shop. So it's only the dreaded wardrobes and dressing room to go....

On a brighter note, here are some pics of the snow that was very reluctant in thawing. I adore the snow but wellies and jeans aren't really that "vintage".

anyhoooo...pip pip for now and I hope that January isn't too grim for you all