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Monday, February 28, 2011

Well, disappointingly we are nearly at the end of another Six Nations Rugby tournament! I mean all those fit young hunky men...with muscles on muscles and muscles where I didn't even know you could have them! As I have noted before the King of the Field (in my humble opinion) is French No 8 Sebastien Chabal...but if you've not been looking carefully, you will have missed Maxime Medard and Dimitri Szarzewski (both of whom are currently injured - I have offered to rub them down with some wintergreen, but they haven't got back to me yet). Shame!

On to more rational areas.... is a very interesting post about dressing "vintage" and how far you go for it on a daily basis. I have to admit that as I stick to wiggle skirts and blouses with stilettoes for work and with the hair pinned up it's retro enough to be different but not enough to scare the more 'conservative' element. Although, saying that, where I work (a university) the fashions that drift through the lecture theatres on a daily basis make nearly any item of clothing wearable however bizzare. However, I do think that for some women, vintage fashion in what ever their chosen area is, flatters them far more than any modern 'fashion' can do. Take me for exmple, I am a smidge over 5ft 2 and have the classic hourglass figure; so the late 1940's or 1950's are perfect for me. Now I'm not a vintage snob! I can't be, where I live the chance to get ones mitts on genuine vitage is slim and what is available is pricey (although wonderful) so I don't mind repro stuff or high street stuff that has a vintage flair, so its not difficult to find your niche.

BTW if anyone sees cherry red vintage style suede shoes can you let me know....I am desparate as I have this glorious skirt that is just crying out for red shoes!

Having been discussing men (there were lots of rugby pictures on the back of the newspaper delivered to the office) all day; we girls were challenged to name our fav chaps. Now I know love vintage but when it comes to men, I just can't escape my Goth past:

here they are:
clockwise from top left: Dimitri Szarzewski - French rugby player; Eomer from LOTR (Karl Urban in real life) James Hetfield of Metallica and finally Sebastien Chabal (posing in his Ruckfield clothing line - nice but pricey).
The Mad Lep despairs at my choice but I don't care...
Till next time pip pip


Celia said...

I STILL say Chaballywhatsit looks like a very angry Rugby-ish Jesus. Except French.