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Friday, January 14, 2011

Well, my little chickadee's, it's Friday again. And I have a full weekend ahead.

Firstly it's the 'get-in' for the new set; then a tech-run through on Monday before we open on Tuesday. The costumes arrived last night from the costumier....well, what fitted didn't suit and what suited didn't fit!!!

We have used these people before and we make the same complaints all the time; but the Director insists on using this company, leaving the actors miserable over terrible costumes, it puts a pall of disappointment over the entire proceedings. And what makes it worse is that I know that the company has THE most fantastic stuff but because they have SO much stuff they just use the "same old same old" time and time again. I usually visit their unit a week or so before a production and very diva-ish demand to see what they have set out for me, and then if it's not right (which it usually isn't) then I very politely ask to see something else more appropriate. I feel strongly that after all the time I have spent rehearsing and line learning then the least I can expect is a reasonable costume!!!!! I said there's lots to do, getting bits of personal "bits" together, props etc. And as it's a late Victorian production, then it's great for shawls, broches etc. As this is a huge cast and backstage isn't the biggest in the world, I'm trying to be organised and take as little as possible in the way of personal bits with me. BUT with 5 totally different outfits ALL requiring different footwear it's going to be harder than I thought.

But when all is said and done, tickets are going well and it looks as if we shall have a good run. The trouble with Rep Theatre is that as soon as one play is done, then it's straight into rehearsals for the next one...oh for a nice break (but I know I'd moan terribly if I wasn't doing anything).

I must make some Rocky Road this weekend as I promised it to the chaps in work when it was my Birthday but then there was the snow and I was ill THEN there was Christmas THEN I couldn't be bothered last I have PROMISED that I will make it on Sunday.

I've just finished reading "Wait for me" the memoirs of Deborah, Dowager Duchess of Devonshire (Chatsworth in Derbyshire is the family seat) she was the youngest of the famous or infamous Mitford sisters...Unity tried to commit suicide on the day that war was declared as she was right wing and was obsessed with Hitler; on the other side Jessica (known as Decca to the family) was a hard line communist and went to Spain during their Civil war where she lost her husband. Diana married British facist leader Oswald Mosely (leader of the brownshirts) and was incarcertated in Wormwood Scrubs during the war after being "shopped" by her sister the famous author Nancy (who wrote The Pursuit of Love)as being a dangerous subversive. The lives these sisters lived including the other sisters who lived quieter but none the less interesting lives are a window on a world that no longer exists in England and certainly didn't exist for the majority of the population. But for anyone who likes Evelyn Waugh and the decades of the Bright Young Things....these sisters were brighter than most.

If the above ramblings have interested you, then there are another two books that I would recomment:

Letters between Six Sisters - edited by Charlotte Moseley


The Mitford Girls by Mary Lovell

Have a lovely Friday all

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Lady Cherry said...

Wow I knew about Unity and Nancy...what a family they were! I will have to have a book swoop to find out more, I'm intrigued now, thank you! x

Polly Garter said...


You might find them in your local library, but I find are brilliant for books - they are very reasonably and the P&P is good to.