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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The last few weeks have been very odd; not particularly busy but I just haven't had the oomph to actually do anything. I have lines to learn for a production of Othello, which I have barely looked at! And I swore that this time I would NOT leave it until the very last minute to learn them and then have to spend every waking second wandering round with a script in my hand, snapping at everyone who disturbed my "concentration".

Then to add to my misery, my muse decided to return and a fully formed story popped into my head which is demanding to be written ASAP and be quick about it too.

I did spend a splendid day out in Cardiff on Saturday with the glamourous Kath; we spent the day pootling round Jacob's Antique markets and both of us picked up some nice little trickets. I was especially pleased with an old etching of "Othello telling Desdemona his tales" it was out of a book and only cos a £1 so I was very pleased. I was "tres chic" as Mama put it, wearing my trusty dark blue cropped jeans, red stripy T and red ballet pumps, topped off with my little red cropped mac...vintage but not too out there for shopping; espeically as Cardiff was full of football supporters and you couldn't move for police. But we had a glorious lunch in a little Italian restaurant with a sweet attentive waiter and a nice bottle of Rose (which I don't usually go for) then back to the antique market for one last look before heading for the train before the match finished.

The crowd was totally different to a rugby crowd, there was a slight edge to everything which you just don't get at a rugby match...I supose at heart being Welsh one has to be a rugby girl.

On the shopping front I found this gorgeous vintage inspired skirt in Matalan of all places and it was firmly in my hot little hands before I could blink:

it looks fab with ballet flats!

So with nothing more to whitter about and annoyed that the Pimms weather has suddently deserted us, I will sign off.

pip pip



Lady Cherry said...

Wow that is a lovely print skirt. I am totally obsessed with florals at the moment! xx

Polly Garter said...

I know, it's just devine. And as I'm short it's just the right length on me.