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Friday, July 22, 2011

just when I thought work was calming down and a summer might actually be on the horizon...well I get the dreaded summer lurgy and have been struck down in all my 'ahem' glory for nearly two weeks.

Anyway, today is the first day that I actually feel human since probably week last Saturday! Indeed. On the Friday prior to the 'lurgy' I was invited to an 18th Birthday party in a swish hotel on a James Bond themed evening. It was a wonderfull event, with a casino, live Big Band and singers and on top of that the birthday girl had asked people not to give her presents but to donate to a local charity and nearly £900 was raised on the night. I would like to raise a glass to E for being such a wonderful girl and despite all that she has been through continues to be a role model and if I had a daughter I would be thrilled if she was like her.

There's a few more vintage purchases...bought today on my FIRST day out in an age. And I promise that I will post the pictures this weekend. I have taken all the pictures, honestly, it's just getting them organised to post!!!!

On a post I read from Retrochick about old books...I must admit I am among those that love that smell and feel of old books. More of which I will post later, including details of a Catholic prayer book with little devotional cards and I suppose you would call them memento mori cards that were still in the pages. you can see more here:

On another note entirely, why is it that gadgets fail together with spectacular synchonicity? My mobile phone, my ipod and my dvd player have all died in the space of 24 hours. Is someone trying to tell me something? Ok, yes I want a new phone...but do I go iphone or blackberry? I text more than speak on it so a qwerty keyboard would be useful. Anyone out there with any advice would be welcome.

Also my ebay selling will be up and running next week as I have loads of thing that I need to move along to allow me to actually be able to hang up my new purchases!!!!

Take care all

pip pip