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Monday, January 31, 2011

Just why is it that any chap you meet and fancy is either attached/gay/attached/not interested? I have no intention of being a home wrecker (I have had that done to me and it's NOT nice...heartbreaking in fact) but would it be beyond the realms of this earth for me to fancy a chap who a) fancied me back and b) was single and c) was within the usual bounds of 'normal'. What's the point of meeting a nice chap and getting on really well only for weeks after meeting him he annouces he has a girlfriend (I hasten to add these weeks were not dating weeks, we met at the rehearsal space). I retreated to the other side of the table to sulk childishly over the Wine Gums and actually take the last one...The flip side of this is the chap who fancies you but you wouldn't be seen dead dating (such double standards) they are lovely guys, nice, solvent, own hair and just NICE....but nice just doesn't cut the mustard. Am I really asking too much to date a chap who I like?

Apart from that rant (excuse me) the run of the show went well, we had fabulous audiences the entire time with full houses for all but one of the houses. Rehearsals start for the next prouction this week, but luckily enough the said chap is not involved which will save me my sanity.

I have FINALLY got round to clearing two wardrobes over the weekend; go me!!! I have a huge pile of stuff to go onto ebay and another huge pile for the local charity shop. The crimson velvet frock coat has had yet another repreive (I wore it out last Thursday) so that's back in the wardrobe for a while.

On another note, I had the most wonderful late Christmas pressie from my darling friend, and it's a framed original hand tinted print from a German 'fashion' newspaper from 1881. So that's now proudly on the wall in the dressing room. Along with that she gave me a hair pin, probably around 1910-15 which is tortoiseshell and is wonderful for putting in an 'up-do'.

If you see this book around, go read it "Rivers of London" by Ben Aaronovitch, which is a hillarious romp across London.

They mention a few other authors that write in the same vein so I might look into those.

This is the other book I'm reading is this:

These girls were plucked from idle rich society where their only future was marriage to a 'suitable chap' to become, in some cases, integral to the success of winning the war; as they were well educated, many speaking French and German they were used at SOE where their pre-war knowledge of Europe was put to good use as many had been to finishing schools in both France and Germany. Others who's talent in mathematics would have never been used were sent to Bletchley Park and helped the code breakers there. A jolly good yarn from some jolly good old girls.

anway...pip pip for now

take care all

Polly xxx