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is back from holidays

Friday, November 26, 2010

Well folks, I'm back from gorgeous glamourous Italy. Lake Como to be exact, the most wonderful place on this planet.

Here's a view from the hotel window, with my Darling Ma sippling a glass of the local vino

the room was immense, with a huge wardrobe straight out of Narnia and two (yes two) dressing tables, which prevented much bickering! and then a table and chairs by the ceiling height windows...the whole hotel is what I call 'shabbychic'

to be's SNOWING

to announce that she's in love...

Friday, November 05, 2010

with her Kindle. Yes I wilted under the influence of a nice shiny new toy and boy am I glad I did. For any bibli-oholic they are worth their weight in gold plate (note to Amazon possibly). I have been extremely cheapskate-y with the books I've downloaded, namely all the copyright free ones from all over the place but ebay has some that are a reasonably price so I'll look there.

If anyone lives close to Cardiff and loves antique bitsnbobs then you MUST go to Jacob's Antique market (not far from General Train Station) they have everything there from vintage clothing (ot much but some nice bits) fabulous vintage jewellry and then nearly everything else you can imagine from haberdashery shop fittings, clocks of all shapes and sizes, and mad assortments on some stalls that you could spend hours footling about in.

I did open my purse and bat the moths away and bought a few little trinkets. I promise that I will post pictures of ALL my recent purchases over the weekend....PROMISE....honest....

Anyway, I bought a lovely Victorian silver and marquiste necklace AND a stunning little art deco brooch that splits into two collar cuffs (which I've wanted for ages and have never been able to get my mits on) and which look stunning on a bargain vintage M&S dress that is remarkably similar to the new D&G one that Madonna is wearing in recent ads.

I also got some little bits of silver and china for my darling Ma for Christmas.

I'm deliberately NOT going out shopping this weekend as I'm off to Italy next Saturday and there's all those fab Italian bags, gloves, umbrellas etc for me to splash out on...teehee.

Reading all my favourite blogs about the vintage scene up in London over Halloween, it annoys me that I no longer have a sofa to crash on in London, and unless I cough up for a hotel then it's difficult to get to these events. But hotels bash up the price along with travel, spendsies etc...sigh...but all looked to have a wonderful time so maybe next year???