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why all the fuss

Saturday, September 18, 2010

about cutting funding for the police?????

The only time you ever see one round here is when he's hiding behind a speed camera!!! bet your sweet arse I am...

*mutters something about three points on her licence*

that it's not Friday everyday of the week.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Although I suppose if they were then things would get boring.

Just something for you to ponder. Why are there SO many more cars on the road when school starts again? For 7 weeks in the summer it is total bliss and I can get to work in under half an hour for the measly 12 miles that I commute. However as soon as the little dahlings return it can take up to and hour and 20 minutes. I could get across central London just as quickly. They have recently build a second "by-pass" to ease the traffic but as I live directly between the both of them, they have NO impact whatsoever on the traffic leaving the valley through a narrow bottleneck of a unbounded.

I was thinking of catching the train again, but the thought of spending another winter next to sniffing/damp/smelly people in trains that are late and overcrowded. I did it for 8 years and I can't face doing it again. As much as i would love to be green (and not look like Kermit) I can't face the dreadful public transport that is about these parts. I would cheerfully give up my car if I lived in London and had all their tranport links, but 1 train every half hour (if they decide to run it) and a bus that goes to every village between here and God knows where and takes over an hour to do a car journey that takes 15 minutes....I rest my case.

On another note entirely. my new little skirt looks wonderful with my red 3/4 sleeved cardigan and black 40s pumps. Such a bargain for £5.

Going on a shopping trip with Mam tomorrow as she's off on hols again, and I should get a nice lunch out of it...if I'm lucky ;D

I promise I will post some pictures in the next few days.... 'onest guv...



not buying things when she sees them...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

why oh why do I always do this?

I see something I like in a Charity Shop or local dress shop...even ebay. Then I humm and haww for days and then decide that I must have the said item under any circumstances and then fret until I (or I can send my personal shopped aka Mam) to get it for me.

For example:

2 pressed water jugs resulted in a round trip of 15 miles because I previously decided I didn't want them

1 vintage dressing table set - ditto...same shop a week later.

1 50s cocktail set of jug and 6 glasses....fretted until Mam picked them up for me on the Monday after I'd dithered for over an hour on the Saturday.

Luckily enough I managed to bag all the above items...sadly I lost the 6 cake forks and minature cake slice for £3 cos I dithered....£3...thee sodding pounds....I ask you!!!

Anyway...must also stop my perving in the homeware department in John is unhealthy!!!! Hyperventilating over a mixing bowl is wrong....just WRONG!!!!!

But I still want it!!!!

pictures from the show will be posted when i get round to it.

till next time



more show news

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Best part of last night was Gav getting a prompt for a line he knew but the person he was saying it too was still off stage....

his quote "stop prompting me, I know my lines just Rich wasn't there for me to deliver them"

Unfortunately there's been some tension at the theatre regarding crewing etc etc....lots of back stabbing and some very upset people...i just wish people would do the jobs they are supposed to do!!!

I'll post some pictures of the show by the end of the week

run up to Show Week

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Well, it's a week to go before "show week" and the two medieval dresses are almost finished, they just need the final trimmings and hemming of sleeves.

I used the following Butterick Battern #4827

and they have come out really well, one is in pale gold velvet with a vintage gold chain belt courtesy of my mum, and the other is in a black velvet with pearl trimming. I'll post pics of them later when I have some tidy pictures.

The headdress also worked really well (pic to follow) using a £3 bracelet from Primark which had faceted 'gems' and three strands of pearls again from Primark. The wonderful thing about that shop is that the stuff is so cheap that pulling it apart and making something else is a worthwhile adventure.

Final rehearsal for Shakespeare's Richard II is tonight; it's looking very good and the fight scenes have been interesting as neither lead actor have done any stage fighting before.

I've been pleased with the posters and also with the programme, so I just need to check that for typos etc and then that can be sent to the printers.

On another note, I am glad that I

a) didn't traipse to Vintage at Goodwood after reading some of the reviews about the event


b) didn't got to Reading to see Guns'n'Roses for the exact same reason as above.

I saw GnR back in the day when they were mad, bad and dangerous to know, I even saw them at the Marquee in London back in the late 80s before they really hit it big. GnR will never be the same without Duff, Slash, Izzy and or Gilby and Steve...I gave CD a listen and didn't bother again...ditch the name Axl and stop living in the past, arriving on stage an hour late just 'because' is no longer funny, clever or grown up for a man of nearly 50. Give your fans the respect they deserve just like all the other bands that day did...arrive on time and your fans get a whole set, not half a set and then a rant at "authority" for God's sake man, you are no longer an "angry young man"....give it UP!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, must have a final read through of the lines for tonight and then I can look through the vintage patterns on ebay for a nice 1950s style dress to start on - I already have the most fab cotton with tiny little red roses and white skulls....tres gothique

till later