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Friday, August 13, 2010

I always get the urge to have a huge wardrobe sort out when I'm sitting at my desk and sometimes even when I'm driving home. But as soon as I set foot through the front door my enthusiasm vanishes quicker than snow in a sauna.

But this weekend I MUST do something about my wardrobe(s) maybe if I just think about looking at one of them, then I won't get so daunted by the sheer volume of rubbish to sort through. I mean, I really have SO many clothes that I forget what I have and end up wearing the same 10 or so outfits that I can lay my hands on (usually cos they are lying on a chair); for example last night I was looking for a light jacket/cardi thing to wear out and came across a fab black fitted jacket with a lace back that was my mothers from the early 60s....totally forgotten about, so I wore it and had so many comments about it!

Heads up for some of which I will post later...

some fab rose jewellry currently in Primark and George at Asda and Matalan....Matalan also has some wonderful retro cardigans with 3/4 sleeves for £6 in vivids and pastels...I got me a baby pink one and one in emerald green.

Also i picked up the most fab lemonade/cocktail jug and glasses at a local charity shop for the grand total of £4....I'll post a pic of that later too.

love and kisses till I'm back