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Monday, January 10, 2011

Well, happy 2011 to you all!!!

Christmas was rather quite in chez-moi, as all were ill (in some cases malingering -but we won't go there...) and spending most of the Big Day in bed wasn't part of my "plans to have fun" and drink cocktails in my new cocktail glasses. But hey-ho...New Year was slightly better, with fun and games and a little gambling on the old cards (I won but I won't brag...much). However, the majority of the hols was spent, reclining on the sofa balancing a box of chocs, a glass of wine and the dvd remote control. I veg'd out on films that I haven't watched for aaages. So 2011 was greated with relaxation although coupled with a cold.

I have actually started what I planned to do some time ago...have the biggest clear out ever. And so far the cupboards in the tv room have been ruthlesly sorted and so much rubbish was binned, along with a pile of knicknacks to the local charity shop. So it's only the dreaded wardrobes and dressing room to go....

On a brighter note, here are some pics of the snow that was very reluctant in thawing. I adore the snow but wellies and jeans aren't really that "vintage".

anyhoooo...pip pip for now and I hope that January isn't too grim for you all


Lady Cherry said...

I feel your pain, I was ill from Christmas Eve eve until New Year's Day. Still have a cold now..! So i too spent alot of time watching films. 'Twas great to have an excuse to do nothing. x

Polly Garter said...

Thanks Lady C. Shame that we aren't given the whole of January off. Hibernation is a much under-rated event!