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notices that summer has finally arrived!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Well, just when I thought that my summer dresses and shoes could be finally stored until next summer, we have had a delightful few days, full of blue skies and sun. Positively tropical weather in this usually soggy end of the country. The difference it makes in peoples moods is rather remarkable. Everyone arround is cheerful and happy, tempers seem to remain intact rather than snapping at the slightest thing.

On another positive note is the fact that today I am wearing a pair of my new shoes. Which I honestly thought that I wouldn't be able to wear until next Spring. Here they are:

Gorgeous Rocketdog Capricio that were an ABSOLUTE bargain in TKMaxx a few weeks back. I was totally muppet-like and should have got the red and the black pairs, but by the time I decided that I really couldn't do without them, only the demin were left but as they were at the remarkable price of £10!!! yes only 10 of out great British pounds! So really couldn't leave them there. I'm keeping my eye out for the red and the black ones and I will get them at some point.

I'm off shortly for another trawl round vintage/charity shops for costumes for the next two productions which are both set in the 1930's. One by Terrence Rattigan and the other by JP Priestly. So that should be good fun, I'm also in charge of props so I'm really looking forward to getting some great period pieces and hopefully not spending too much money.

I have also promised myself that I will TRY to be organised and tidy. I am not by nature one of the tidiest souls on earth and I usually leave a trail of chaos behind me (which is handy if I ever get lost) but I have recently come accross clothes, shoes and jewellery that I have totally forgotten about because I am SO untidy! This has got to stop as I'm buying things that I already have. So I'm treating myself this weekend to new storage bits n bobs so I can really get things organised. THEN I intend to go through all the boxes, handbags etc that are full of a mixture of everything and put everything in its place! The finally I won't waste half my time looking for something....because it will be in it's right place. How long this idyll will last I don't know but I am determined to be more organised! And not go shopping until I have sorted everything out!

Ooops...just realised that I am meeting Ma after work to go shopping....ah well...never mind! You should never look a gift bargain in the mouth!