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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A thousand apologies for being a tardy blogger lately, but real life has got in the way for the last few weeks.

A little round up of news: Othello went really well, full houses for the entire run (despite an opening night fiasco with the Public Liabilty Insurance and missing Health & Safety forms...which I will not go into any further, because, dear reader, I will rant about the imbecile that deliberately 'mislaid' the paperwork! Enough said!

At the moment, I'm in the middle of designing the new publicity material and poster for our next production which is Terrence Rattigan's French Without Tears. It's in honour of the centenary of Rattigan's birth. It's a light farce set in the south of France in the mid 20s I would guess....and rather Bertie Wooster-ish in places....but jolly good fun and a good excuse to delve into the vintage world to hunt out costumes and props.

I've no new purchases to report other than I bought Revlon's new lip stain 'Just Bitten' (as tested by Snoodlebug) and I love it. I bought the Gothic colour stain and it lasted for ages. So now I am going to try the darker purple one!

Squeezed into last weekend was a quick photoshoot for a chum who had just splashed out on a new camera and wanted a model (read: someone who didn't have anything better to do on a Saturday afternoon and has a stash of costumes and wigs to!) Here's a sample of the shot....he wanted a grainy 30s style shot with minimum lighting. He was pleased...I know very little about I'll try to believe him...haha.... anyway for your amusement is one of the shots. I don't have blond curly hair...honest!!!!

Anyhow....I have taken pics of ALL the goodies that I've bought in the last few months (finally got round to it on the wettest Sunday I have ever been bored through) and will post them when life calms down....

pip pip