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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Once again the British weather does it's best to flumox everyone. This morning was 6c when at the same time yesterday it was 12c, no wonder people are dropping like flies with colds and sniffles. A harsh winter is promised again, which is fine as long as we are prepared for it (which we never are). I suppose if we keep getting harder winters then the authorities will decide to be prepared (like the continent) but while we still only get 'occasional' harsh winters, I suppose we'll be left to the mercy of the weather and the road gritters.

On a brigher note...

I had been so terribly organised and sorted out the clothes I wanted to take on holidays to Italy; there they were tidily laid out in me dressing room - lovely autumnal clothes. Then....I thought that I had better check the weather for where I am going! Result? I had to put all my carefully selected clothes back in the wardrobe and yet again dig out the summer stuff as it's a monumental 25c out there...which lets be perfectly honest, is hotter than it's been for most of the summer here.

So people...this little blogger will get her summer...but in October in foriegn climbs.

see you soon!!

pip pip


was optimistic!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

After thinking that we might get a wonderful Indian Summer...I have been sadly mistaken and the weather is now back to the usual summer weather: cold, wet and windy.

So all my summer clothes that I didn't put away last week can now continue on their merry way into the suitcases until next summer.

Plus all the local schools have been advised to move all their important work to the next few weeks as severe weather (ie three flakes of snow) are expected in November and December. Oh Joy unbounded.

I like the snow, don't get me wrong, as long as I don't have to try to get anywhere in it. I like sitting by the fire, with a good book or film and a large glass of red wine. Now that is a perfectly acceptable winter activity!


Has decided...

Monday, October 03, 2011

To have a weekly "Pet Peeve" section...

This is just to allow me to vent on the miniscule (and not so miniscule) things in everyday life that bug the pants off me!!! goes:

Pet Peeve No 1:

Supermarkets...ok I know they have to exist (although they are not as prominent in European countries as here in the UK) but why oh WHY do parents allow their grubby offspring to sit or stand in their a FOOD trolley? I mean...I have to put my food into that trolley once you've removed your snotty offspring from it. There are enough Health and Safety laws; surely children in trolleys - other than in the designated seat must be a hazard?????? Can't someone ban them?


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