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On a Cold and Frosty Morning.

Friday, February 03, 2012

OK, maybe cold is the understatment of this very new year; it's bloody freezing! I do not jest when I say that when I scrapped the ice of the car (windscreen, rear and side windows) it was -10c...MINUS 10!!!!!! That's brass monkey weather! But apart from that I would much rather this weather than the miserable rain that lasts for weeks that we get in this part of the world so frequently.

On brighter notes, you might have read in an earlier post that out leading actor had suffered a heart attack half way through the run but he's up and about and recuperating well!

After weeks of rehearsals and script learning I can now have a break and catch up on the films and books I've neglected over the period. I have an eclectic reading list and there's nothing much that I don't read but there is one book that has gripped me; I'd watched the new version of Tinker, Tailor Solider Spy with the marvellous (and now Oscar nominated) Gary Oldman, who I've loved since Dracula; so i dug out all my old John Le Carre Smiley books and started with TTSS. I had forgotten how wonderfully atmospheric his writing is. In places you can almost taste the tension and the secrets in the air. The mood is sombre and dark but the characters are so beautifully drawn that it pulls you into a world that you know must exist but wonder how anyone ever manages to stay sane in it.

I am still ODing on Sherlock, this is NOT being helped by the Mad Lep re-watching them and then either PMing or texting me with a comment and me thinking....Pants! now I will have to go and watch it again....just to verify. And that is such a terrible hardship...not! I can't wait until they start filming the new series as bits of it are filmed in and around Cardiff and they also use the sound stage used by Dr Who which is minutes from me.......I could find myself going out every lunch time just for a peak!!!

Anyhow, due to the central heating being turned up to the max at home and work my skin has been very dry so I pootled down to Benefit and purchased this:

and so far it seems to be doing the trick. I do so love Benefit costmetics not just for the packaging and the names they call the products but they are just so wonderful and I find with my colouring (red hair pale skni) they actually make products for people like ME!!!!!

So as it's so cold I am tucking myself up infront of a roaring fire with a glass of wine and a good book and waiting for Sherlock Series 3!!