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comments on the weather!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Once again the British weather does it's best to flumox everyone. This morning was 6c when at the same time yesterday it was 12c, no wonder people are dropping like flies with colds and sniffles. A harsh winter is promised again, which is fine as long as we are prepared for it (which we never are). I suppose if we keep getting harder winters then the authorities will decide to be prepared (like the continent) but while we still only get 'occasional' harsh winters, I suppose we'll be left to the mercy of the weather and the road gritters.

On a brigher note...

I had been so terribly organised and sorted out the clothes I wanted to take on holidays to Italy; there they were tidily laid out in me dressing room - lovely autumnal clothes. Then....I thought that I had better check the weather for where I am going! Result? I had to put all my carefully selected clothes back in the wardrobe and yet again dig out the summer stuff as it's a monumental 25c out there...which lets be perfectly honest, is hotter than it's been for most of the summer here.

So people...this little blogger will get her summer...but in October in foriegn climbs.

see you soon!!

pip pip