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Friday, September 17, 2010

Although I suppose if they were then things would get boring.

Just something for you to ponder. Why are there SO many more cars on the road when school starts again? For 7 weeks in the summer it is total bliss and I can get to work in under half an hour for the measly 12 miles that I commute. However as soon as the little dahlings return it can take up to and hour and 20 minutes. I could get across central London just as quickly. They have recently build a second "by-pass" to ease the traffic but as I live directly between the both of them, they have NO impact whatsoever on the traffic leaving the valley through a narrow bottleneck of a unbounded.

I was thinking of catching the train again, but the thought of spending another winter next to sniffing/damp/smelly people in trains that are late and overcrowded. I did it for 8 years and I can't face doing it again. As much as i would love to be green (and not look like Kermit) I can't face the dreadful public transport that is about these parts. I would cheerfully give up my car if I lived in London and had all their tranport links, but 1 train every half hour (if they decide to run it) and a bus that goes to every village between here and God knows where and takes over an hour to do a car journey that takes 15 minutes....I rest my case.

On another note entirely. my new little skirt looks wonderful with my red 3/4 sleeved cardigan and black 40s pumps. Such a bargain for £5.

Going on a shopping trip with Mam tomorrow as she's off on hols again, and I should get a nice lunch out of it...if I'm lucky ;D

I promise I will post some pictures in the next few days.... 'onest guv...




Celia said...

Well you could always move to bloody London and stop whining about transport... although I daresay you'd find something else to bitch about in the city.
What a miserable little gimp you are sometimes.