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Thursday, September 16, 2010

why oh why do I always do this?

I see something I like in a Charity Shop or local dress shop...even ebay. Then I humm and haww for days and then decide that I must have the said item under any circumstances and then fret until I (or I can send my personal shopped aka Mam) to get it for me.

For example:

2 pressed water jugs resulted in a round trip of 15 miles because I previously decided I didn't want them

1 vintage dressing table set - ditto...same shop a week later.

1 50s cocktail set of jug and 6 glasses....fretted until Mam picked them up for me on the Monday after I'd dithered for over an hour on the Saturday.

Luckily enough I managed to bag all the above items...sadly I lost the 6 cake forks and minature cake slice for £3 cos I dithered....£3...thee sodding pounds....I ask you!!!

Anyway...must also stop my perving in the homeware department in John is unhealthy!!!! Hyperventilating over a mixing bowl is wrong....just WRONG!!!!!

But I still want it!!!!

pictures from the show will be posted when i get round to it.

till next time




Celia said...

I can't believe you now use Twitter (Twatter). If we were married, I'd not only divorce you, but get total custody of the kids, the dog and the car as well.
I'm appalled. Aggrieved even.

And as the sole voice of sanity in your life, I feel it my duty to state that no one, not even you, requires 6 god damn cake forks. You're a human magpie.


Polly Garter said...

true...every word you say is true...but i am a magpie...horder...compulsive purchaser etc etc