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I really must do better...

Thursday, July 01, 2010

I do blog over at Livejournal as well (just as infrequently I may add). But life seems to get in the way of things, plus if its not written on a post-it note (wonderful invention...THANK you who ever invented them) I will just forget about it and the FINALLY remember about it at 2.32am and then fail to get back to sleep because i am now thinking about said forgotten "thing".

So, after reading some wonderful blogs on vintage fashion etc, I dug out all my old vintage (some real vintage some merely good repro) from the back of the wardrobe and have been gracing the office with chic black pencil skirts with little black nip waisted blouses and wide leg trousers with natty little short sleeved cardigans. I do stand out as most people here wear jeans, but i don't like them as a with an hour glass figure i look out of proportion in them. I've also dusted down the old sewing machine and this weekend am going to attempt a 1950s style halterneck dress with THE most fab fabric that i found for £1.50 a metre (black with red sort of poppy-ish flowers on it) so i will report back on that.

I'm also Twittering again (is that a verb? I suppose it must be these days) although my posts there are even more random than these mindless outpourings.

Anyhow....lunch is over so must head on back to that chain gang (i'm the one with the cattle prod haha)