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Missing in Action

Friday, March 16, 2007 the continued prodding of the Mad Lep, I'm finally updating.

Since I last graced this hallowed portal, I've been on holiday in Italy and then been ill since. A boring old recurring thing-y that has reared its ugly head so life has been a tad...slow at the moment.

Well a minor point was that I finally played by dream part of Nancy in Oliver Twist, collecting a grand total of 29 bruises by the end of the week!!!! the most spectacular one was on my ribs which was the result of landing on Bill Sikes' boot...still a good week all in all.

No shoe purchases lately, BUT I did buy two most georgous suede handbags in Como, in scarlett and the other in pale green...wicked.

So, what has happened since...three words sum it up really..."not a lot"...*snigger*

I promise that I'll update more often (ok Ro?) but I'm tired now and I can't think of anything else to say...

Apart from the fact that Bill Sikes rules...