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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things are finally calming down in work and we can actually have a lunch break for the first time in months.

On to other news; I've been offered the part of Ross in the "scottish play" by an "innovative" director:.....but and isn't there ALWAYS a but, it nearly clashes with Othello when I'm playing Desdemona. So what do I do? To be perfectly honest, I have no idea. If I take it then it will be good for me to work with another director and a new audience.

I have a wonderful Aunt, who has bought me the most unusual glass just, obviously late 30s early 40s in pressed glass...bless her heart.

My darling Aged Ps are currently on holidays (again) but they are having a wonderful time cruisung round the Eastern Med. I'd love to go on a cruise, all that dressing up. But Dad has suggested that Mum and I do the Queen Mary 2 to New York...wouldn't that be just bliss??? arriving at NY past the Statue of LIbery on the deck of a huge cruise liner....what a way to travel.

So until next time, I will carry on dreaming a dream!